Ready To Fit Kitchens

Investing in a ready to fit kitchen is a wise move for many homeowners. They can often be at the right price – providing all the units, worktops, cabinet space and accessories you from the one supplier, ready to go.

Off-the-shelf kitchens can be high quality too, there is no reason to assume that bespoke unique kitchens are always the answer. You are free to choose whichever option works best for your home, your budget and your family. We are here to help.

What Is A Ready To Fit Kitchen?

A ready to fit kitchen, also known as an off the shelf kitchen, usually includes ready to fit kitchen units, sinks, storage and so on. The advantages of standard sizes and dimensions usually mean savings compared to something more made-to-measure.

The challenge becomes fitting something standard so that it feels to belong in your unique home environment. Your new investment should feel as if it was made for you and your family, even if it wasn’t. Fitting and installation work needs to be handled carefully and sensitively to ensure everything fits well, works as it should and looks just right.

The good news is, at RedBox, we have years of experience installing a wide range of kitchens and our highly-skilled fitters stand ready and available to help you create a space to enjoy.

New kitchen with lots of space in South West London

How Does Our Ready To Fit Kitchen Service Work?

RedBox independent kitchen fitters can help you with your off-the-shelf kitchen. We can take ready-to-fit kitchen units and seamlessly install them in any kitchen.

We keep the fuss to an absolute minimum. If you are asking – how much does a kitchen cost to fit? – the answer is probably less than you think.

Red Box has become one of the kitchen fitters London customers can count on for the best price without compromising on quality. We have a wide range of experience with most major suppliers.

This includes a specific agreement to install Howden Kitchens. Whatever the job, we will take you through the following steps.

Initial Quotation

We provide a full quote based on your kitchen, ready to install units, appliances and other choices. We price every job without obligation. Just get in touch.

Ready To Install Kitchen Planning

We will review your plans carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day. We can provide 3D CAD drawings should they be needed.

Pre Fit Survey

If we haven’t measured your kitchen as part of the quotation, we will make sure we do this before anything is delivered. Accuracy means getting things right on the day.

Modern North London loft gets new kitchen

Ready To Fit Kitchen Installation in London

Red Box will allocate a project manager and share a planning guide with you. This keeps our dedicated tradespeople on the right track throughout the work.

How to get started? It is easy to arrange a visit to discuss the whole process and get you a price.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Red Box team can talk you through your options. We have years of experience fitting off-the-shelf kitchens. We know all the trade secrets. Planning with us can save you time, money and hassle. Red Box makes installing a new kitchen painless. All you have to worry about is inviting guests to enjoy it once the work is complete.

Safety first. Our fitters will normally start by turning off the water. They will then check the electrical cabling. You might be without water and power while work is done. A good fitter will check the walls and floor and fix any issues next. Then, any new power cabling or plumbing needs to be done. This makes your kitchen ready for base units and cabinets. They are typically installed before sinks and appliances. The team Red Box, however, knows that every home is different. We will make sure we create the right installation plan for you.

Our first tip is to look for other customers’ opinions. Red Box’s Which Trusted Trader status makes this easy. Once you are comfortable with our track record, the next question is price. We will always give you a full, clear easy-to-read quote. There are no hidden extras or surprises. We’re not just transparent about pricing. We will provide a plan for how, and when, we’ll complete the work. We’ll follow up too, to check you’re happy.

Fitting a new kitchen should, on average, take 3 to 5 days. Of course, with Red Box you get the best quality service so we won’t rush. Every home is different too. Ask us for a quote and we’ll provide you with a schedule we will stick to. We’ll do the work as smoothly and efficiently as we can. You’ll have a kitchen to be proud of.

Why Choose Red Box

Cheap fully fitted kitchens can save you money but, at Red Box, we fear that they can feel a little unloved and uncared for. That’s why we commit to delivering the highest quality when installing any off-the-shelf kitchen units, worktops, cabinets and cupboards you choose.

We specialise in home improvements, extensions, kitchen fitting and bathrooms as well as the associated services of plumbing, electrical and full decoration work.

Our team works closely with architects and designers, either engaged by us or with which you may have already engaged. We are happy to follow your design or work with you on a design to fit your budget and taste.

We’d love to hear from you!

For any questions please fill out the quick form on the right to drop us an email and we will be in touch.

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