Smaller Jobs:

Due to the nature of our industry, there are times when we can take on smaller jobs such as fitting lights, a smoke alarm or repairing doors. Although not our core business (we are not a handyman service) we do provide this service with priority given to our existing clients.


Why use us:

We are aware that, unless you have been directly involved in past similar projects or major home improvements, there can be moments when dealing with a third party is problematic.

Irrespective of our role in your project, we have produced an independent leaflet listing our recommendations when engaging anyone or any company to carry out work in your home, which we summarise below:

  • It is vital that the project is planned and a schedule of works (SOW), drawn up. This details exactly what is being done and by whom. We will project manage the work by default unless you have someone in mind.
  • Alongside this SOW will be a breakdown of costs for each section of work to be carried out. We recommend at this stage to work out a payment schedule to ensure that you only pay for what is being done but at the same time to help your builder keep pace. We also recommend that on larger projects the sequence of a deposit, staged interim payments and a small retention be adhered to.
  • Vet the company.
  • Compliance and a contract: it’s important to know about any local planning requirements; permitted development and planning permission, building control involvement and in certain cases a contract such as a JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) are useful or even necessary.