Plan an Eco-Friendly Home for Earth Day!


Celebrate Mother Earth Day on April 22nd by using these tips for your home renovation plans!

To celebrate Earth Day today, we wanted to share a few tips to help you make your home more eco-friendly – ideal if you are planning a renovation – add these to your plans.

1. Loft insulation is vital

Loft installation tends to be fitted as standard in most homes but some older properties may be inadequately insulated and letting out the heat in the winter.

You can insulate the loft yourself with the right materials from your DIY store or call a professional to insulate and renovate your loft.  Why not consider a loft conversion and make better use of the space too?

2. Ensure you have double glazed windows

Modern homes tend to have these already, but a surprising number of older houses in the UK letting out the hot air through the windows. By installation double glazing you can help reduce your energy usage and costs plus help retain the heat into the home – ideal for the winter months!


3. Looking for new furniture? Consider second hand furniture

Don’t panic! Second hand does not always mean dirty old tat nobody wants. Sometimes there are some fantastic items to be found almost brand-new from online and local reselling websites. Scuffed or slightly marked items can be made good as new with a refurbishment project too – lots of ideas of YouTube and Pinterest.

By purchasing a pre-owned item, you’re recycling – helping your budget and the environment. It may also help you add something different to your home no longer on sale on the high street.

4. Manage your electrical item usage better, purchase some smart plugs and switch off.

Leaving items plugged in all day and night, even if not in use, can still use energy. Whilst companies are making devices more energy efficient, making sure they are switched off is always a more effective solution.
If you are forgetful and never remember to unplug or turn off electrical items when rushing out the door to work or before going to bed – smart technology has the answer.
Smart plugs are inexpensive solutions (can range from around £15-30 each) will save you money in the long run – lowering your electricity bills and using less energy. You can also time them to turn off or on at certain times and even control them from your mobile device.

5. Install a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostat technology is becoming increasingly more popular. Companies such as Nest & Hive are two of the UK’s most popular as the trend grows. Nest boast having saved over 8 million kWh of energy worldwide to date.
How does it work? The smart thermostats will learn how you use your energy in your home, and manage your routine, adjusting the temperature to your typical needs. When you leave the house, it turns it off to save your heating bills – and of course you can turn it on, off, up and down from your smart phone when you are not home.

Our teams can help install smart technology into your home, to make it more efficient and eco-friendly – call or email us to discuss your home renovation plan this week – visit our profile for links.