Top Tips When Improving Your Home


You have probably decided at this stage to improve your own home rather than move and it is surprising what you can achieve with a little thought and ingenuity for a fraction of the overall cost of moving house. The following suggestions are a summary of our 15 years in the business, which you will almost certainly find helpful. Some might seem obvious but it’s surprising how often they are overlooked.

1. Explore what’s possible with a company like ours, preferably recommended,to find out what’s possible within your budget.

You may be surprised as to what can be achieved without needing an architect or planning permission.


2. Obtain a specification which is worded in a way that relates to your home and without hidden costs.


3. Agree a proposed timescale and how you may be affected.


4. Check company credentials and agree apayment plan.


5. Ask for references and possibly seeing a finished project.

6. Request a copy of the company’s insurance and expect around £2million Employers’ Liability and a minimum of £2million Public Liability insurance.

You might wish to consider Home Works Insurance Policy too.



7. Receive written confirmation of any planning permissions and party wall awards

8. Speak to neighbours before any planning application or party wall awards have started. Your neighbours may carry out similar works in the future, so demonstration of goodwill helps!


9. Ensure that your chosen company introduces themselves to neighbours up front and provides them with a reliable point of contact and business card or leaflet.


10. Alert neighbours in advance of any particularly noisy work or deliveries.

11. and lastly ensure that your company does tidy up properly at the end of each day including pavements.

If you’re planning to redecorate or renovate this summer, get in touch with Red Box via phone or email to discuss your project.

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