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Does your roof need work?

This weeks Top Tip: Roofing and External Repairs!

Whilst the sun is out and there’s less rain showers it’s time to get that tile in the roof repaired or repaired. Whilst you’re at it – check on your loft insulation too, although the past few weeks have been a bit uncharacteristically damp!

Summer is also a prime time in the housing market for buyers and sellers, and one thing that can be considered/inspected is the quality of your roof!

The summer months have more (and better quality of light) which means you’ll be able to spot any problems and any contractors can work more efficiently without light/time restraints. More day light hours also mean the contractors can work safely on your property for longer each day, barring any complications, completing the work in fewer days – giving you a little less disruption!

Benefits of Roof Repairs

  1. Save money on your energy bills
  2. Add value to your home
  3. Extend the life of your air conditioning or heating
  4. Improve the security of your home
  5. Cut down dramatically on outside noise
jack barton unsplash
Sloane Square property gets new roof terrace by RedBox

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