Summer Holiday Home Renovation Projects!

Summer has arrived in London, take advantage of the good dry weather to work on a project or two around the house.

We hope these simple tips from team Red Box will help inspire you to kick start your home improvements.

1. Update your Wardrobes and cupboards

Clear out your wardrobes, cupboards and storage for a clean and a makeover.  Summer is the perfect time to have a sort through and update your furniture. Why not clean and repaint that tired looking wardrobe or storage unit in your bedroom for a fresh look?

Whilst you’ve got everything out of the wardrobe you can then see if there’s anything you can donate, sell or keep – making room for the sales!

How about a new walk-in wardrobe or custom built wardrobe? Our bespoke teams can help plan and build your dream storage unit!


2. Service your heating units

Whilst the heat is on outside, you won’t need your central heating indoors- now’s the time to get your annual service out of the way before the Autumn/Winter rush.

Engineers and servicing companies are often less busy in the summer months as people forget about their heating and boiler in the warmer temperatures.  Come October, they can be quite busy getting homes ready for winter as the cooler weather returns.

This goes for chimneys and fireplaces too, get those cleaned out now so they’re fresh and ready for Autumn & Winter.

3. Replace or repair windows

As with your heating, those good weather days are perfect time to get those tired old windows replaced or repaired. Come Autumn/Winter you’ll be thankful that those cracks and holes are filled, and the heat is kept in the house – making your home also more energy efficient and money saving in the long run too!


4. Roofing repairs

Whilst the sun is out and there’s less rain showers, it’s time to get that tile in the roof repaired or replaced. Whilst you’re at it – check on your loft insulation too.

Summer is also a prime time in the housing market for buyers and sellers, and one thing that can be considered/inspected is the quality of your roof.

The summer months have more (and better quality of light) which means you’ll be able to spot any problems and any builders can work more efficiently without light/time restraints. More day light hours also mean the builders can work safely on your property for longer each day, barring any complications, completing the work in fewer days – giving you a little less disruption!

5. Bathroom/Kitchen remodelling

A lot of families schedule their bathroom/kitchen remodelling during the summer holidays, scheduling the work during the school holidays on a week when your family are away can help minimise the frustration and disruption to your daily routine.  Having no or limited access to your bathroom or kitchen can be a challenge.

If you’re planning to redecorate or renovate this summer, get in touch with Red Box via phone or email to discuss your project.

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