Radiator care tips for homeowners


It’s not all about the design with radiators, don’t forget to care for them, today we’ll share some tips from our team for making the most out of your radiators.

First up, make sure you bleed your radiators.  When should you bleed them? Typically, there are two reasons you’ll need to bleed your radiators.

  1. They’re making funny noises (trapped air in the pipes can make strange gurgling noises) – your radiators should not contain any air – only water.
  2. Your radiators do not warm up fully. Again this can be caused by trapped air in the pipes.


If either of these apply – it’s time to find that radiator key – check out Youtube or Google for how to’s on bleeding your radiator.

Other things you can do to optimise your radiators effectiveness include a “power flush”. This helps remove any gunk or elements inside of the pipes such as debris or rust that can cause the radiator to not work properly.

The chemical power flush will remove any blockages in the central heating system.

Similarly, there you can get a filter called a “Magnaclean”, which is capable of capturing virtually 100% of the Magnetite within a system. Magnetite is the official name of system sludge, it’s made up from Iron Oxide the result of a chemical reaction between the different metals and air ingress into the system.


If you’ve tried bleeding, balancing, and a flush and things still aren’t right – get a plumber in (If you haven’t already) soon so you’re ready for the cold winter months!

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Once you’re all clean and cleared – your radiator will give off the warmth you need to sit back and relax.