London Home Renovation Costs: A Complete Budgeting Guide

Home renovation projects in London are many things. They can be thrilling yet complex endeavours, full of highs, lows, risks and rewards. For all this, London residents know they will always make a dent in the pocket. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen, upgrading your bathroom, extending your house, or converting your loft, a successful renovation requires careful planning and a realistic budget. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various aspects of renovating homes in London to help you make informed decisions and stay within your financial limits. Let’s start with the room some say is the beating heart of your home. Your kitchen is where you’ll spend a lot of time, so why not make it special?

Kitchen Renovation Budgeting

According to the good people at check-a-trade, on average London kitchen renovations cost £35,000. This is for a full professional bespoke service. You can save a significant amount by buying products off the shelf and undertaking some of the design work yourself, for example. Again, check-a-trade, suggests a budget version might be as little as £15,000. Let’s see what happens if we break this figure down into phases of work.

According to the good people at check-a-trade, on average London kitchen renovations cost £35,000. This is for a full professional bespoke service. You can save a significant amount by buying products off the shelf and undertaking some of the design work yourself, for example.  Again, check-a-trade, suggests a budget version might be as little as £15,000. Let’s see what happens if we break this figure down into phases of work. 

Design and Planning

All good projects should have a healthy amount of design and planning time allocated. Rushing into something as important as renovating your kitchen Begin by allocating a portion of your budget to design and planning. Professional designers can help conceptualise your ideas and optimise space.

Given that kitchen projects are wide and varied, it is difficult to find an accurate average figure. Proving the point somewhat, Ideal Homes magazine quoted between £770 and £5,000 for 2023. It might be useful to consider design cost as a percentage of the overall project cost.

Here, on average, the figure is 8%. Of course, many kitchen suppliers offer free design as part of their package. The design may be free, but it will inevitably be heavily influenced by a particular product range.

Design and Planning

Fittings, Materials and Finishes

Quality materials play a crucial role in kitchen renovations. Budget for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances. In London, where design trends often lean towards high-quality finishes, allocate a reasonable amount for premium materials that add both durability and visual appeal.

Again, the team at Ideal Homes quote a figure of between £15,000 and £20,000 for kitchen furniture, appliances, worktops and installation. Once you have set your budget, allow for a contingency fund of around 20% of your total budget on top. There’s always something unexpected to contend with.

Kitchen Fitting Costs

Kitchen Fitting Costs

As of 2023, the average rate for kitchen fitters in London according to check-a-trade is £300 a day. The actual figure will, of course, depend on a range of factors such as experience, expertise, and the complexity of the project. Keep in mind that quoted rates are always based on the specific requirements and intricacies of individual kitchen installations.

It’s crucial to obtain detailed quotes from multiple kitchen fitters, outlining the scope of work, materials, and estimated hours required. This ensures transparency and helps homeowners make informed decisions based on their budget and project expectations. As with any service in a bustling city like London, it’s advisable to balance cost considerations with the reputation and qualifications of the kitchen fitter to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome for your kitchen renovation project.

If you are considering having a Howdens kitchen fitted, as many London residents are, the good news is we can help We approach our role as Howdens installers with the same rigour and project management discipline as all our work. On instruction, we will allocate you a project manager and create a project plan to keep everything running smoothly.

Bathroom Renovation Budgeting

Beyond their utilitarian function, bathrooms serve as our private sanctuaries, offering moments of solitude and relaxation amid our hectic daily lives. In a nation that values well-being and comfort, the bathroom has become a personal haven for self-care and rejuvenation in UK homes and so deserves to feel loved and invested in.

Many of us did invest in 2023 and, according to check-a-trade data, spent on average between £4,000 and £10,000 on renovations. Does that answer the question; how much does a bathroom renovation cost? Partly, at least. Given our bathrooms vary so much, sadly it’s hard to pin a more accurate average bathroom remodelling cost down.

Fixtures, Fittings & Flooring

Renovating your bathroom, of course, involves costs for fixtures and fittings such as sinks, taps, showers and the like. You’ll need storage too and shelving. With some standalone marble tubs coming in at over £10,000, your list can quickly become expensive. It certainly pays to have an overall fixture and fitting budget in mind before you go shopping or splurging. Flooring costs can vary a great deal too based on the materials and styles selected. Londoners often opt for high-quality tiles and flooring to create a luxurious feel. Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular too. On average, you expect to pay up to £135 per square metre for the installation of a water-based system for your London home.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Bathroom renovations often require alterations to plumbing and electrical systems. Skilled professionals in London are often able to charge premium rates for their time and will charge last-minute jobs even more so it pays to plan and schedule ahead.

Average plumber costs, again according to check-a-trade, start at £50 an hour. Electricians earn the same average rate. As with all tradespeople, it is wise to satisfy yourself with at least three quotes before proceeding with any individual. You may be able to include plumbing and electrical installation in a package when you buy your fittings, but be careful, this isn’t always cheaper than finding help yourself.

Fixtures, Fittings & Flooring

Painting & Decorating Costs

Giving your home a lick of paint is a great way to freshen it up. It’s certainly more straightforward than some of the other projects we discuss here and, if done correctly, should be more cost-effective too. That said, the average UK painter and decorator, according to check-a-trade, charges £400 manpower per room, so there’s still scope to spend a few quid once you start looking at the whole house.

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Get Written Quotes

Get Written Quotes

Reputable decorators will rarely give you a quote or agree to undertake any work without seeing the job for themselves. The process starts with a call or email to three recommended traders with a brief outline of what you’re trying to achieve. Once they’ve seen the condition of your home and discussed your budget and preferences, they should be able to commit to providing a figure for labour and materials in writing. Any hesitancy to commit to a final figure ought to be a red flag here.

Research Materials

Not all paint is the same and, sometimes, paying a little more for quality might be worth it in the long run. Your views on the environment, allergies and the use of chemicals might also have an impact on costs. Discuss any concerns you have with your contractor as part of accepting their quote. That way, you can avoid surprises.

House Extension Costs

Renovating kitchens and bathrooms are relatively small home improvement projects in the grand scheme of things. Gaining more space with a home extension is one of the most ambitious projects any London homeowner could undertake. But how much does the average Londoner spend on a house extension? According to online data, the average cost of building an extension in 2023 was between £65,000 and £100,000 for Londoners. Complex or 2-storey extension costs might be considerably more.

Architectural Fees

Engaging an architect is the first step in planning any house extension. Allocating a portion of your budget for their fees, ensuring they understand your vision and can navigate local planning regulations is vital even if you think you can do some of the work yourself. Mistakes can be costly, including undoing all your hard work if housing regulations or planning laws are not followed to the letter. As a good rule of thumb, you can expect to pay an architect between 5 and 10% of any overall project budget. For example, an £85,000 extension project might involve £4,250- £8,500 architecture fees depending on the project details.

Construction Costs

The bulk of home extension costs will be spent during the construction phase of work. This includes materials, labour, and project management. London construction costs are generally higher than the national average, so plan accordingly. Depending on the type of extension, foundation and groundwork costs can vary. London’s diverse terrain may require specialised approaches too.

When calculating construction costs, it’s important to agree as to how you want the builder undertaking the work to react to changes. It’s probable that, on even the best of planned jobs, builders uncover the unexpected and have to change direction. Any resulting changes to the work will likely require additional costs too. It pays to be prepared.

Architectural Fees

The Costs Of A Loft Conversion

How much does a loft conversion cost? It’s a question that many London homeowners ask themselves as they’re looking for new, extra space. The answer on average, according to our online research is around £900– £1,400 per square metre for a bespoke conversion. Basic loft conversion costs are typically lower as there’s little if any, structural work involved. The costs add up for more ambitious conversations because strengthening and reinforcement mean additional design and construction work.

We can see that the total budget required for a loft conversion will vary significantly depending on the scale and style of conversion you had in mind and the specific challenges that come with installing a new floor in your home.

Structural Changes

To budget accurately for a loft conversion it is important to understand any structural changes needed to the fabric of your property to create a habitable space. You may need to consider the cost of floor reinforcement and extra load-bearing walls or joists. You will need to consider the addition of windows or dormers, and any other structural alterations required.

We would argue this is rarely something you should undertake on a do-it-yourself basis. The consequences of an under-reinforced conversion could be serious, if not dangerous.

Structural Changes

Staircase Installation

Access to the loft is also a critical cost consideration. There is a huge difference in cost between a loft ladder and a full staircase that complies with building regulations and complements the overall design of your home. Siding which access solution is best for your particular circumstance is an important discussion to have with your chosen contractor or building firm.

Insulation and Ventilation

London’s changeable climate means budgeting for adequate insulation and ventilation in any loft conversion project. It is important to allocate funds for appropriate materials to ensure both comfort and compliance with energy efficiency rules. Any spending upfront could lead to savings on your energy bills. It is always worth taking potential changes to your monthly outgoings into account when doing calculations.

Home Renovation Cost Conclusion

Embarking on a home renovation journey in London demands meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the associated costs. We have only been able to give you the simplest of hints and high-level tips in this blog. From kitchens to bathrooms, house extensions to loft conversions, each project comes with its unique considerations. By breaking down your budget into specific categories and accounting for potential contingencies, you’ll be better equipped to manage the financial aspects of your renovation.

Remember that seeking professional advice, obtaining accurate quotes, and staying informed about the latest industry trends can all contribute to success. London’s rich architectural history and diverse design landscape offer a wealth of possibilities for your home, and with a well-prepared budget, you can transform your living space into a reflection of your vision and style.