How Much Does A Kitchen Fitter Cost?
A Homeowner’s Guide


If you’re looking to invest in a new kitchen, the prospect of fitting it can seem daunting. Certainly, the costs of getting professional kitchen fitters to help can feel challenging to navigate. This is why the Red Box team has written this blog. We aim to provide you with some guidance before diving in.

The cost of hiring a kitchen fitter can vary widely, depending on obvious factors like the size of your kitchen and the materials you’ve chosen. Plumbing and electrical work can add to the cost. The fitter’s fee typically covers their labour but excludes the cost of materials and appliances. Most reputable kitchen fitters should be able to provide an accurate quote relatively quickly based on the dimensions of your kitchen and an overview of the items you wish to have installed.

Calculating the Cost Of Hiring Kitchen Fitters

Before exploring costs, it is worth exploring the work of your average local kitchen fitter and how they impact your project’s budget. In most cases, you will be responsible for choosing and purchasing all the new kitchen cabinetry, fixtures, fittings, and appliances, such as new fridges or ovens. Some clients, of course, might involve a kitchen design or interior design firm in planning their new kitchen. However, this is typically considered a separate task from fitting it. The kitchen fitters’ job is to install everything you’ve selected to your satisfaction.

A kitchen fitting firm is likely to calculate a price by taking your kitchen dimensions and estimating the duration of the work before multiplying it by an hourly labour rate. This way, you pay for the time kitchen fitters work on your kitchen. Simple, basic units will be quicker to install than more challenging units. Changing plumbing and electrical connections can also add to the bill, as can minor alterations such as ‘touching up’ paintwork or replastering. Finally, some kitchen fitters can also dispose of your old kitchen as part of their work.

It is helpful to consider the complete scope of potential tasks involved in installing your kitchen before asking a kitchen fitter to calculate their costs. You can contact the Red Box kitchen fitting team at any point, and we will be delighted to advise you.

Calculating Hiring Kitchen Fitters

Factors Affecting Local Kitchen Fitter Costs

For homeowners in London & the South East considering kitchen renovations, several factors can affect the cost of hiring local kitchen fitters. Geographic location plays a significant role, as urban areas near Central London tend to have higher labour rates than the suburbs. The project’s scope, including the kitchen’s size and the work’s complexity, also influences the price, as we’ve discovered above. Additional factors like removing old fixtures for you, updating plumbing connections, and rerouting electrical power can further vary the final quote.

The time of year can also impact the cost of a kitchen fitting project. When firms are busy, during kitchen company sales in spring, for example, they tend to charge premium rates. However, you can sometimes pick up a lower bargain rate at quieter times. Engaging local suppliers early in your planning process means you can get various options and pick the right price for your new kitchen.

Average Prices For Kitchen Fitter Jobs

Average Prices For Kitchen Fitter Jobs

When planning to renovate your kitchen, it’s crucial to understand the average prices for kitchen fitter jobs to aid in your budgeting. According to the CheckATrade website, the UK national average cost for a professional kitchen installation is £3,000. This figure can vary based on several factors, including the size of your kitchen, the complexity of the job, and the geographical location.

The UK average figure has been calculated based on an average local kitchen fitter cost of £300 a day and the average project duration of 10 days. Notably, day rates vary from £150 to £500 daily, depending on the fitter’s skills and expertise. Removing an old kitchen can add, on average, £500 to any quote based on £250 a week for skip hire.

Getting multiple quotes and comparing what each kitchen fitter covers within their price is always advisable. This approach helps you find the right balance between cost and the quality of workmanship for your new kitchen.

Additional Kitchen Fitting Costs to Consider

When planning a kitchen renovation, the headline cost of hiring a kitchen fitter is just one aspect of the overall budget. Several additional factors can influence the final price. You should consider the following to avoid unhelpful surprises.

Kitchen Design Complexity

If you’ve chosen custom designs with intricate layouts, you may need to pay for extra labour from your kitchen fitter. Detailed, complex work is often time-consuming and time costs.

Project Duration

The longer the project takes, the higher the overall labour costs. Therefore, you must carefully plan and agree to your schedule with your fitting company. Delays will add to your bill.

North Sheen Case Study: Detached home in South West London

Kitchen Accessibility

Difficult access to the kitchen area or your property can complicate the work, potentially leading to longer durations and higher charges. For example, a kitchen installation on the ground floor may be cheaper than one on the tenth floor of a block of flats.

Building Regulations

Complying with local building codes and regulations may require additional inspections or modifications, which can increase kitchen fittings costs. These costs can be high for significant renovations, including a change of use.

North Sheen Case Study: Detached home in South West London

Waste Removal

We have seen that the costs for disposing of old kitchen components can be significant, especially if large appliances or cabinetry need to be removed. Managing this yourself, rather than asking your kitchen installer to help, can be expensive and certainly more time-consuming.

Ancillary Services

Many services are associated with kitchen fitting jobs, such as gas fitting, electrical work, and painting and decorating. These, however, are typically not included in a standard kitchen fitting quote and may require separate specialists. A reputable kitchen fitting firm should be able to advise you on how to include them in any quote.

Considering these factors early in the planning process can help create a more accurate budget and reduce the likelihood of unexpected costs. Why not talk to us about your kitchen installation plans?

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