It’s National Garden Week  (29th April-5th May) and with a Bank holiday weekend coming up – its the perfect time to get started on your garden for the summer.

Here’s a few tips and ideas to elevate your garden aesthetic other the general weeding and plants.

    1. Check your fences and shed – do they need repairs or perhaps a fresh coat of paint?

    A new lick of paint can transform your garden space, make it brighter and prolong the life of the wood.


    1. Use gravel or reuse old materials to create a rockery or a path

    You can use old broken bits of slab and bricks with gravel to up cycle them into a path or patio area.


    If you have old bits of slab and bricks, up cycle them into a simple path or small area for a bistro table and chairs. Bed them firmly into soil, checking their level with each other and you’re ready to go.

Kitchen extension 2
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3. Garden furniture

Has your garden furniture seen better days?  It might be time to invest in some new or perhaps a bespoke gazebo, Red Box has a expert joiners and carpenters available to help design and build your dream garden furniture


4. As for front gardens and driveways –is your driveway level?


5. Repairs and Paints to the house exterior
A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your property can help brighten your outdoor spaces.


Now get out there and start planning your dream garden!

What are your favourite garden hacks?

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