What Is Parquet Flooring and Why Is It One of Home Designs’ Increasingly Popular Trends?

First up what is Parquet flooring? Simply put parquet flooring (also known as Herringbone style flooring)  is strips or blocks of wood arranged in a geometric design.

Created in France in the 1600’s this style of flooring had lost popularity due to being old fashioned but with most styles, it’s making a come back in interior design trends!


Geometric designs have become popular and for home design as of late with images filling Pinterest and Instagram – which has helped it gain its growing interest.



Here’s our 3 reasons we think this trend is one to consider:
  1. A great way for a symmetrical, unique and good-looking floor to match any décor
  2. Multiple options to choose from – highly customisable to suit your design
  3. Easy to clean and durable
  4. Perfect for use with underfloor heating

If you are planning to do work in your home including wood flooring replacements, installations or repair, our team can help your with planning and a free quotation.


For inspiration see some of our website and Instagram photos as these can really help with inspirational ideas.   If you would like more ideas or advice, then, by all means, drop in or send us a list of what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll advise you as to how to make your budget stretch as far as possible.

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Here’s some of the Parquet Wood Flooring installations and repairs we have completed for clients across South West London recently.