Expert Interior Decoration Tips To Improve Your Home


At Red Box, we specialise in delivering successful interior decoration projects that our clients dream of. If you’re investing in improving your living room space, upgrading your kitchen, sprucing up your bathroom, refreshing a bedroom or creating a home office, we have plenty of home decoration tips and interior design tips for beginners and old hands alike.

We have set out our top home decor tips and ideas here before going on to discuss rooms in turn.

Define your home improvement style

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to improving the look of your home.

To make missing out on your goals less likely, it is important to clearly understand your likes and dislikes, tastes, and vision for the future.

This may sound grand, but it is an important first step. Take your time to consider your home’s overall style goals – even scribbling down a few lines in a notebook, perhaps.

If you’re struggling, look in your wardrobe, check out the art on your walls or even the movies you like. What do your favourites have in common?

That is all down to your sense of style. With a family, of course, agreeing on a style between might be a challenge, but it is worth giving it a go to save indecision and argument down the line.

bold colors interior

Create your home interior decorating ‘Do and Do Not’ lists

Once you have established your style, it should help you filter your thinking around things that will fit, and perhaps more importantly, things that won’t fit in your future home.

Large bold colour statements might not be your bag. It’s fine.

Traditional floral prints might remind you of stuffy old grandma and be off your list too. There might not be a place for dad’s military memorabilia collection either.

There are no right or wrong decisions, just personal rules to follow.

Agreeing your Do and Do Not lists with your partner or family will, again, cut down on headaches, arguments and hesitation overall.

Set a Home Improvement Budget

Here’s where talking to professionals like Red Box Painters and Decorators might be useful. We can discuss quotes and budgets with you before you fall in love with any particular ideas.

Clarity around what you wish to spend, and what you might get for your cash, is going to make decision-making a whole lot easier.

Clearly, you would want everything to be of the highest quality, but there may be a case for balancing high-ticket items with more cost-effective solutions elsewhere.

Trading off high-quality paints that will last years with cheaper kids furniture they’ll grow out of, for example, might be a sensible move.

Having put some thought into how much money you have, and where and how you want to spend it, conversations with interior designers, painters and decorators and other professionals will be a lot easier to manage.

Remember Red Box can help you with no-obligation quotes whenever you need them. Just get in touch.

Having set some ground rules, let us look at some interior design tips and tricks you can apply to each room in your home.

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Ideas for Living Room Design

If you’re wondering how to layout your living room or how to plan a living room design, we have some top tips that might be up your street. The living room is, of course, one of the most important spaces in your home to get right whether you are bingeing a box set on your own, letting the kids run riot or socialising in the evening with friends.

Flat refurbishment in Kensington

How do you design a living room? Ideas should probably start with key bits of furniture. Of all the furniture decisions to make, the biggest is probably your sofa or suite.

It will dominate the space, draw the eye and inevitably be a focal point. Increasingly, televisions and their stands come a close second. You may instinctively move the big furniture to the walls to create space, but this might not always be the best answer. Think creatively!

Interior design tips for living rooms inevitably turn to colour and texture. Paint and fabric choices should feel sympathetic to your focal point whether it’s your sofa, TV, large artwork or bay window. It is common sense to say that you should aim for the highest quality products possible.

This is when engaging with a specialist decorator firm for independent advice comes into its own.

Red Box can advise on all your painting and decorating needs based on decades of practical experience.

Interior Design Tips For The Kitchen

What are the must-have kitchen design features? How to design kitchen spaces? What practical considerations should I be making? If you’re updating your kitchen, you’re no doubt asking yourself such questions – wondering how to design a kitchen the whole family will love, how you’ll meet all your practical needs and how you’ll create a stylish addition to your home.

To a large degree kitchens are defined by their function. Easy access to your sink, fridge and cooktop ought to be a priority. It is best to think of the three in a triangle with no more than 6 feet between each of them. Then it becomes a question of how to design kitchen islands, storage space and work surfaces around that triangle. Clever, efficient design will cut down hassle and make cooking a breeze.

Once you’ve established the design of your kitchen layout, the mind should turn to kitchen storage. As a general rule of thumb, you can’t have enough cupboard space so investigate every nook and cranny for places to tidy things away.

Whatever style you aspire to, it’s unlikely to involve darkness so look for opportunities for light too. Under-cupboard lights brighten countertops and are often a hit with busy cooks. Lighting, of course, needs power as do washing machines, fridges and cookers.

Our final tip is not to forget electricity, gas or plumbing. Committing to a new kitchen layout without planning to connect everything up could prove costly.

Once you’re happy with your layout, the world’s your oyster. Traditional cottage kitchen or ultra-modern minimalist food preparation area? Wood, metals, colour, patterns, boldness or pastel shades.

Whatever you have planned, Red Box professional kitchen fitters can help ensure it all runs smoothly.

New kitchen decorated and installed in London family home

Interior Design Secrets for Upgrading The Bedroom

Wondering how to design a bedroom? We have interior design tips for small bedrooms, master bedrooms, kids rooms or guest rooms. Asking ‘what is my bedroom design style’ is probably a good place to start. How do you want to feel? More than any other room in your home, Bedrooms should feel safe, happy, comfortable places.

Bedroom and full home renovation and redecorating project in South West London

When considering how to design a bedroom layout, the bed ought to be your primary concern. It is the central feature of your space after all. Where does it sit in the room? What does it sit on? Rugs, carpets and flooring are key decisions. Colours, artwork and fabrics finish off your look. If you’re wondering how to design a bedroom wall, think about one single key feature that will draw your eye.

Remember some colours are inherently relaxing and calming. Others, such as organic browns and greens, imply cosiness and comfort too. These might be more suited to a bedroom than big, bold primary colours. The choice, however, depends entirely on what you want to achieve.

If you’re wondering how to design a simple bedroom or something more grand and elegant, the team at Red Box can help with all your painting and decorating needs.

Interior Design Tips For The Bathroom

A visually appealing bathroom is a key asset for any home. If you’re wondering how to design a new bathroom, how to design a bathroom remodelling project or even just considering refreshing your existing space, there’s a lot to think about.

How you design your bathroom layout is likely to be defined by practical needs – shower, bath or wetroom? It’s worth investing in the highest quality suite you can. Why not luxuriate in the rolltop bath or powerful zinging shower? You deserve it.

You may have to design a bathroom in a small space but fear not, there are plenty of tips to make the most of every nook and cranny.

Build a shampoo niche into the wall, rather than rely on additional shelving for example. Bench seating, perhaps, in marble is another space saver.

You can’t have too many ledges for your knick-knacks and other bits and pieces. Use them as an excuse to add a touch of colour too.

If you are not designing for a small bathroom, consider a barn door to access your walk-in shower.

What could be more than luxurious? Remember safety though and add grab bars or handles to avoid slips.

How do you design a bathroom that’s right for you and your family? There are so many choices, it can feel a bit overwhelming. The good news is Red Box can help you at every stage of your project.

Contact us to get quotes on every aspect of bathroom fitting and decoration.

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Interior Design Tips For The Home Office

Many of us have had to work from home in recent times and, as a result, have been on the lookout for home office decorating tips. Comfort, practicality and efficiency are probably the most important features when it comes to how to layout a home office. Health and safety decrees where and how you sit, work and use technology but such things do need careful consideration. The world is full of poor home office layout examples that have led to bad backs, poor posture and weakened eyesight.

Choosing the right room in the first place is the first task when it comes to how to design a home office. Ideally, there’d be a bit of separation between home and family life. Choose a room with a door you can close and feel comfortable, away from hustle and bustle.

home office

Let it inspire you too. You will be alone, perhaps, for a lot of your working day so don’t forget artwork, ornaments and personal items. They could be postcards from favourite places or portraits of favourite people.

Keep things fresh but swap items rather than add to the clutter. Your home office should be a pleasant place to be.

Don’t, in all this, forget the practicalities when arranging your home office layout. Your work will need a desk, a suitable office chair, more storage than you think you need and technology.

A beautiful office without a strong internet connection is unlikely to be a success in 2021.

As always, if you are wondering how to design a home office, it is worth talking to the professionals. Red Box can talk you through all your design, painting and decorating needs.

Is It Worth Hiring An Interior Decorator?

Having read our easy decorating tips, you might be asking yourself ‘Should I hire an interior decorator?’ The answer is specialist help will always add a level of professionalism and quality to your home it is difficult and expensive to replicate through doing it yourself.

Professionals can ask you questions and guide your decision making thanks to their experience and know-how. They will know about the latest trends and technologies. They will have relationships with suppliers – from kitchen appliances to paint – so you can be confident in always getting the best.

The next question is ‘how much does it cost to hire an interior decorator?’ The answer is probably less than you think. Add in the time and hassle you’ll save and it might represent a bargain. The way to find out is to ask for a quote. The team at Red Box will provide one on a no-obligation basis. Just pick up the phone.