Choosing the right skirting for your home

Are you ignoring your skirting boards? If you’re planning a home redecorating project this Autumn don’t forget your skirting!

Here’s a few tips and ideas on skirting styles to help you choose your home design


Classic or Bold?


Traditionally, skirting was used in homes to hide uneven finishes with walls and flooring. From a modern advantage, they also work as a good “buffer” for avoiding to scuff the bottom of the walls with a vacuum cleaner, broom or mop etc.

In the past they could be quite dull, painted same colour as the walls, but now interior designers are using them as a statement / design highlight.


Choose your profile!

As well as colours options, you also have a lot of styles or “profiles” for skirting to consider when updating your home décor.

You can see from the diagram (on the right) the shapes of skirting you can choose from when designing your new home decorating project.

Light up your skirting

Have you considered adding lights to your skirting boards?  LED Strip lighting for a low lighting glow is a great modern twist to the classic skirting board options of the past.

There’s no hard rule on what you should or shouldn’t have in your home design, remember this is your home, put your mark on it!

What material?

Did you know skirting board options come in a range of materials, not just wooden planks.
How about tiled skirting board designs? These can finish a bathroom, kitchen or hallway off to perfection!

Colour Block Match your skirting and door frames

You can make a room or your hallway more interesting by adding matching coloured skirting boardings and door frame.   This is a great way to add a bit of personality to a subtle wall colour, leaving you with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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If you are planning to do work in your home, then take some time to consider the above and what you’re looking for. Preparation is the real key to a successful result that you will be happy with.

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