The next big trends for home design…

Planning a home update? Here’s the latest home decor design trends coming your way later in 2024 for some inspiration according to

  1. Custom Home Style

Expected to be the biggest overall trend is bespoke home design, the personal touch. People are paying more attention to their specific at-home needs, and their decor choices model the shift.

Forbes say; “Just a few of the examples we’ve seen of truly personal home design are bucking traditional colours and opting for bold designs in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, backyards with larger-than-life entertainment spaces based on how homeowners like to host and niche spaces like coffee stations or wine cellars.”

  1. Warm Colours

Gone are the trends of clean simple minimalistic white and monochromatic style choices, and in with the warm, cosier and inviting colour schemes – perfect for the winter months.

Forbes say “Obviously, neutrals will always have their place, but this warmer colour revolution is pairing with homeowners going bold with reds, pinks and greens as some of the most popular home colours of the year. Even if you’re not comfortable adding these colours in big ways in your home, you can try them in accent walls or trim.”

  1. Mixing Metals

As the warm tones and colours rise, so does the style of metals for the home. Warmer metals such as brass, gold and copper are seeing an increase in popularity.

  1. Playful Design

As design trends shift from minimal and cold, to warm and inviting – its time to add some fun into the home. This can come in the form of adding  warm or bold colours or it can also come from incorporating creative shapes, visual interest through texture and an overall sense of maximalism.

North Sheen Case Study: Detached home in South West London

5. Sustainability

A trend that spans many industries, sustainability is important to homeowners too – designers and brands are taking note.

Sustainable homes are obviously good for the environment, but they can also have financial benefits: Energy-efficient upgrades in your home can help you save money and adding things like solar panels and heat pumps can qualify home owners for a government tax credit.

6. Aesthetic Accessibility

They don’t just look good but this trend is functional too.  Brands are creating new appliances, features and cabinetry to fit the customer and adjust with them during their residence at their existing home.  Some of these upgrades include Sensory-friendly faucets, washing machines with non-English and braille options, hands-free cabinets with adjustable shelf height and drawers for every reach level and more. Each of these new offerings allow homeowners to be taken care of by the everyday appliances, hardware and built-ins regardless of limitations.

7. Vintage Trends

Vintage-inspired accents from many different decades are coming together to create a new style.  These can include ornate touches on the bottom of clawfoot tubs or as part of lighting fixtures, tactile additions like pulls on lighting panels and throwback printed wallpaper to add a bit of fun to a room.

8. Fluting

A vintage inspired design touch that’s making a come back. It is a great way to incorporate texture through different surfacing materials to achieve a timeless look.

9. Biophilia (also known as taking inspiration from nature)

A growing trend in 2024, taking inspiration from nature for your home can include adding plants to your room or even a photo showing off your favourite natural landscape  – it’s a great way to make the room feel peaceful and at one with nature.

10. Multi-Use –Appliances

With homes getting smaller or more limited in space, homeowners are looking at appliances that can save space by doing more than one task. Such as Combination Ovens & Airfyers, Combo Washer/Dryers – and even in-sink dishwashers

11. Spa Like Bathrooms

Make your bathroom your sanctuary with this trend, adding spa like features for that extra touch of luxury. Spa-like accents like deep plunge tubs, aromatherapy additions, towel warmers and bidets are on the rise.

12. Making The Most Of Your Space

As space is getting tight in homes – homeowners are getting creative with their spaces but still personalising it to their needs and personality. From Creative storage solutions,  concealed cabinet appliances.


Also, homeowners and designers alike have opted for creating secondary spaces in the home. Including wet bars, prep kitchens and reading nooks to make the most of home layouts. Where there may have just been empty space before might be a spot to prepare for entertaining or to unwind.


What do you think of these latest home decor design trends? What trends are you keen to add to your home?

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