Planning a home update? Lets talk about Crittall style


Crittall Style: The 19th Century method that’s making a comeback

Whilst Crittall style is nothing new, it is gaining popularity with interior designers and home owners.  The method was first used and created in 1860 by Henry Crittall, an Essex ironmonger, to create steel-framed windows.  Whilst the style has been around for over 150 years it still gives the contemporary and modern feel, and metal framed windows and doors have never looked so good!

Crittall Style has been gaining popularity across the pond in New York city art deco or industrial style apartments and lofts, making use of large window spaces and the UK are catching up, but the style is not only being used for window frames anymore, but designers are also making walls, extensions, room dividers, and even shower screens!

The sturdy and stylish frames tap into the current industrial trend for an edgy and versatile look and feel.  A Crittall style design can turn a room into a cool, modern space plus will help open it up and let in more light at the same time!

Crittall doors are perfect for inside and outdoor spaces – inside they help to keep light running through the house, outside they look good as courtyard frames and home extensions/outside buildings.

Decorative yet minimalist, these steel-framed grid-like doors can blend with other styles too to make the most of your home.

A little newer to the scene is a lighter alterative to steel Crittall – aluminium. The on trend, sleeker and smoother aluminium look.A lot of companies are now offering the Crittall “Lookalike” for the customer who wants they cool grey look.

Aluminium frames can be more cost effective to build and install than their more famous steel Crittall

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No matter what you choose, both styles offer a sleek and bright finish to any home renovation design.