Are you getting the best quality sleep from your bedroom?

Here’s our handy renovation planning home tips for a better night’s sleep.

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week this week, so here’s some tips for planning your upcoming bedroom renovations…


Paint/Decorate your bedroom with soothing colours.

Your bedroom should be a calm and tranquil space, a place to unwind, choose a calming colour such as lighter shades of purple, or shades of green, or even a light grey would suit a minimalist look – grey can also brighten the room and create a bigger feel for smaller spaces.


Invest in a new, good quality, mattress

The bed is probably one of the most important thing’s in a bedroom once you have finished the decorating – how old is your mattress? Maybe it’s time to replace it. Did you know its recommended you replace your mattress ever 7 years – although it might be needed before hand.  A good quality mattress can make a huge difference to your sleep.


Add in soothing scents

What’s your favourite soothing scent? One popular “bed time” scent is of course lavender – a great scent for winding down and relaxing.  Whether you add a candle, a wax melt, incence or a diffuser – find a way to add in your calming scents ahead of bed time, so that when you crawl into bed you can really switch off.


Consider your lighting options

Does your bedroom get enough natural light? Or is it too bright?
Whether its natural or artificial lighting, the lighting can make a difference (from day to night) to the feel of your bedroom.  If you’re planning a loft conversion with bedrooms on the top floor, how about roof lights – they’re a great way to add more natural light during the day and a chance to star gaze at night!

You can also consider installing lighting in layers, so you can have different levels of lighting on depending on the day, i.e adjust to more soothing –dimmed as you prepare for bed,


Add plants to your bedroom

Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, plants can also help purify the air helping you get a better, more restful night sleep.  Did you know the snake plant is on NASA’s list of top 10 air purifying plants! It converts Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen at night

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