Back to School!

Home improvement and renovation ideas for the new school year!

Back to School: Home Renovation Tips for Busy Homeowners

Ah, the back-to-school season! It’s a time of change, fresh starts, and often, a hectic schedule. For homeowners, this period can also be an opportune moment to tackle some home upgrades and renovations ahead of winter.

Whether you’re aiming to create a productive study space for your child or hoping to revamp your interiors in line ready for Christmas & New Year entertaining season… we’ve got a handy list of things to look at:

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  1. Design a Study Sanctuary: If your child or teen will be spending significant time at home studying, it’s crucial to have a dedicated and distraction-free zone.
    • Corner Nooks: Convert an unused corner into a study space with a sleek desk and floating shelves.
    • Loft Beds with Desks: A great space-saver for smaller rooms, combining sleep and study.
    • Walls: Consider painting walls a calming color like soft blue or muted green to enhance concentration.
  2. Mud/Boot room Magic: With the school rush, mudrooms become essential. Upgrade or create a space where kids can dump their school bags, shoes, and coats – also great for those homes with dogs – perfect for post winter walk.
    • Bench with Storage: For sitting and storing shoes.
    • Hooks and Cubbies: For bags and jackets.
    • Wipeable Surfaces: For any unexpected messes & mud splatters.

3. Upgrade the Kitchen for Morning Rush: Breakfast times can be frantic.

    • Breakfast Nook: A cosy space can make morning meals more efficient.
    • Organized Pantry: Have sections dedicated to quick breakfast items and lunchbox fillers.
    • Coffee Station: Let’s not forget about the parents! Create a small coffee nook to fuel your mornings!


4.  Revamp the Laundry or Utility Room: With school uniforms and sports kits, laundry tends to pile up.

    • Multiple Baskets: Sort by color or family member.
    • Open Shelving: For detergents and fabric softeners.
    • Hanging Rods: For items that need air drying.

5.   Safety First: If you have younger children, now is an excellent time to ensure that all renovations and existing spaces are childproof. This includes securing furniture to walls, covering electrical outlets, and ensuring there are no loose cords from blinds or curtains – need repairs? We’ve got you covered.


6. Tech Upgrades: With the rise of digital learning, ensure that your home is tech-friendly. Do you need to upgrade your electrics? Need additional power points for added tech – you name it our electricians can handle it.


Remember the back-to-school season is more than just new backpacks and timetables, it’s about creating a productive environment for study and rest.

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