Office Division has been formed on a history of quality projects and
delivered projects, with…….

  • Administration to answer your calls and respond with the right operatives in the right place.
  • Budgets that are clear and concise.
  • Contractors who have a proven history in both specialist and traditional fields of work.
  • Designers who can change the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.
  • Exemplary quality.
  • Finances that match your pocket.
  • Health and Safety support to meet existing Building code regulations and other specialist authorities.
  • Programmes that are realistic and let you move in, carry on operating or move out, on time.
  • Project Management which makes the logistics feasible.
  • Service Engineers and Consultants to confirm and deliver the service you require.

RedBox has the expertise to help design, construct and maintain your new environment. To
make it the place you want to work, and have specialist contractors experienced in areas such
as Medical, Clinical, Pharmaceutical,