RedBox London Google places pageFor the best repair painters and decorators London has to offer, come see us at Redbox. We are here to service West, Southwest and Northwest London, and offer twenty-four hour emergency services. We specialize in handyman and maintenance services for commercial and private properties. Included in our services are gas and heating, electric, plumbing, plastering, painting and decorating. We do a little of everything, and are the best at what we do. Our company commitment, range of services, competitive prices and high level of customer satisfaction are what makes us unique among our kind, and one of the best-reviewed services in London.

Our company was created to battle the unreliability of the other maintenance companies out there. Frankly, we were tired of people who did not show up when they were supposed to, did not do the job they said they were going to, and overcharged for what they actually did do. Because of this, when we started the company we created a company commitment: eight ideals we have committed to stand by. Availability, punctuality, reliability, flexibility, honesty, transparency, professionalism and satisfaction. We promise to be there when you call, show up when we say we will, do what we promise, work to your convenience, keep your home and possessions safe, only charge you what the quoted price was, employ only qualified, experienced individuals, and do the work we would expect in our own homes. We live up to this commitment, and expect all of our employees to do the same.


Here at Redbox, we offer quite a wide range of services. Among the technical jobs like heating and gas systems, plumbing and electric, which we are quite well-known for, we also offer painting and decorating services. We know that fixing the initial problem is not always the end of the story, and we would never leave a job half-finished. In order to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction, we are fully ready and willing to paint anything from a newly-repaired ceiling to the entire exterior of your home. Our decorators are trained to have your home or commercial property repaired, painted and decorated to the highest possible standards while still being as quick as possible.

We know that time is money, and we go to great pains to avoid taking more of your time and money than necessary. Always professional, our employees do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and with as little stress and upheaval as possible. We also offer twenty-four hour emergency services for those times when you just need someone quickly. We work to secure your property in as prompt a fashion as we possibly can. Here are some of the things our emergency service includes: boarding up of windows, safety glass, glazing and double glazing repairs, insurance work, security surveys and locks. It should be noted, also, that both commercial and residential Housing Association properties are attended to. After something like a robbery or natural disaster, you want someone you trust to be out there fixing things for you and repairing your peace of mind as well as your home or business. Our employees are always professional and courteous, which helps to bring the inherent stress level down a bit.

Our prices are comparable to our competitors. We strive for complete satisfaction for the smallest possible payout. This means, essentially, that we will do the best job we can do, with the best materials, for as little as possible. Since we recognize that every job is different, though, we offer free estimates. Call or fill out our online estimate form, and we will get back to you with an answer as quickly as we can. After that, if you decide you liked our estimate, we will come out and inspect the damage for a full price quote. Remember that the quote is what you pay, even if there are later developments that would normally herald a price increase. We strive to be thorough as well as efficient, so please understand that some inspections may take longer than others. This is for your protection as well as ours. It would not do, for instance, to repair a simple leak and miss the one that is leaking inside the wall.

Our customers leave us as satisfied as we can make them. In celebration of this fact, we have some customer comments on our page. They include testimonials from six satisfied customers. The pertinent words have been highlighted for you on the right side of the page, while a click of the mouse button will bring up a scanned copy of the actual letter on the left. Lucy thanks us for our prompt assistance, while Andrew says they are very pleased. We have been thanked for our excellent jobs, courteousness and trouble-free services. We are very happy to have these responses from our clients, since word of mouth is still our number one marketing tool. Besides which, they tell us we are doing our jobs right. On the other side of the coin, complaints are dealt with promptly, and with an eye for the satisfaction of our clients.

Our company is unique in its premise. We were created as a service company, and a service company we remain. Our customer satisfaction levels, range of services, competitive prices, and commitment to excellent service have made us one of the most well-respected repair painter and decorators London has. If you find yourself in need of anything from routine maintenance to emergency services in the middle of the night, call on us. We promise to help you to the best of our abilities without charging you an arm and a leg for the privilege.